Top 6 Reasons to Refer Your Clients to Peace of Mind Property Management

    1. Your client stays YOUR client! We will only assist with their property management needs. Whenever they have a real estate need, they will be referred back to you, their realtor!
    2. We offer professional service with a personal touch. We know who our landlords and tenants are when they call in!

  1. As of October 2021, we have been in business for 7 years, manage 185 properties, and have only had to evict one of the tenants that we put in place and managed.
  2. We give your client 1 month of free management services when you refer them, making you look like a rockstar!
  3. We are insured and bonded so your client knows that their property and their money is protected.
  4. Mailbox money! When you refer a client for tenant placement AND ongoing property management, we will pay you a $250 referral upon tenant move in. When you refer your client for ongoing property management alone, you will get lots of gratitude and a gift!

To learn more or to refer a client, give us a call at 443-574-5131 or email Melissa at