Baltimore City Inspections

If your rental property is located in Baltimore City, then you are required to have it inspected according to the city’s criteria. Peace of Mind Property Management helps arrange this inspection for you as part of our landlord services. Here is some basic information to help you prepare your property for Baltimore City inspections.

What does the Baltimore City inspection involve?

Every Baltimore City inspector should be looking for these things in a rental property:

  1. Handrails
    If there are 3 or more stairs, then there needs to be a handrail. This applies to stairs both inside and outside the house.
  2. Smoke detectors
    There needs to be a smoke detector on every level of the property. For example, if you have a 3-level house, there needs to be a smoke detector on the main level, the top level, and the basement.
  3. Pipes
    There cannot be any leaking pipes. The inspector will run all the faucets to check for leaks.
  4. Carbon monoxide detectors
    Carbon monoxide detectors need to be installed if there is any gas appliance or fireplace in the house or garage.
  5. Windows
    All the windows need to be working. The lock mechanisms need to function properly. If you lock the window, it needs to stay locked. Also, if you unlock the window and open it, the window needs to stay open on its own.
  6. Electrical outlets and light switches
    All electrical outlets and light switches need to have cover plates on them.
  7. Plumbing
    The toilets need to flush, and there needs to be hot running water.
  8. Gas meter
    The gas meter needs to be active.
  9. Gutters
    The gutter system on the exterior needs to be running away from the house and needs to be secured to the house. You can’t have broken gutters or gutters that aren’t taking water away from the house.
  10. Rat holes
    Any rat holes need to be filled. There can’t be any signs of rats in the yard.
  11. Trash
    Clean up any trash or debris around your property.

How much does it cost?

The average cost for Baltimore City inspections is $150–250. The annual licensing fee is $30.

How long is the inspection valid for?

The first inspection for a rental property lasts for 1 year. Within that 1 year, if you don’t get any violations, then you are put into the 3-year program, which means your property only needs to get inspected once every 3 years.

But if you get a violation within those 3 years, then you get put into the 2-year program. If you get a violation within the 2-year program, then you get put into the 1-year program. So, we encourage you to avoid getting any violations, so you can continue with the 3-year program.