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"for rent" sign in front of rental property

Benefits of Renting Instead of Selling

Should I keep my house as a rental or sell it?

Deciding whether to sell your house or retain it as a rental property is a significant financial decision that homeowners often face. While selling a home may seem like the more straightforward choice, there are several compelling reasons to consider keeping your house as a rental property.

Let’s explore the strategic benefits of renting out your property, becoming a landlord, and retaining ownership of your property.

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Landlord calculating whether to sell or rent

Testing the Market to Sell or Rent Simultaneously

If you own a property that is no longer your primary residence, what should you do with it? Sell or rent? We understand how stressful that significant decision can be.

In a previous blog post called “Should I sell or rent out my house?” we discussed some important factors to consider. For example, what are your long-term financial goals? How is the current market? What are the potential risks?

For some property owners, it’s a clear decision whether they should sell or rent out their house. However, for others, either option would be a win for them. Perhaps they don’t have a strong preference either way, or they want to test the market. In that case, we at Peace of Mind Property Management offer a special solution: we can list the property both for sale and for rent at the same time.

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