Why do you charge a retainer?

What the Retainer Covers

The retainer ensures that we have funds available to cover the setup of your property, if it’s not already being used as a rental. This retainer covers the costs of the county or city inspection, the related registration fee, the lead inspection, your annual MDE registration, your setup fee, and any minor repairs needed to pass the inspections. Continue reading

What is included in the management fee?

Property Management Fee

The monthly management fee covers everything that Peace of Mind does for every property every month. The typical charges outside of the monthly fee are property repairs, court appearances, and any walkthroughs that you request beyond the semi-annual walkthroughs.

How do you prepare property and place tenants?

At Peace of Mind Property Management, we offer new landlords the service of tenant placement.

Preparing the Property

The first step in this process is to prepare the property. We walk through the property and ensure that it’s going to pass any applicable state, county, or city rental inspections, including the lead inspection for properties built before 1978. Continue reading

Melissa Hargreaves Gets Real

This article by Molly Lauryssens was originally published in the September 2021 issue of the Baltimore Real Producers magazine.

“Why aren’t we talking more about this?” Melissa Hargreaves asks exacerbated. It’s been a hard road for her 11-year-old daughter, Isabelle, who recently attempted to take her own life. “This was the first time she got close to succeeding and really got hurt. She’s done little things like scratching at her arms or threatening to jump out of a window—things that wouldn’t actually kill her.” This was not her first attempt, Melissa says, but as Isabelle gets older, the worse it seems to get.

Continue reading