Howard County Inspections

If your rental property is located in Howard County, then you are required to have it inspected by a Howard County inspector. Howard County does not allow independent inspectors to perform the inspections.

Peace of Mind Property Management helps arrange this inspection for you as part of our landlord services. Here is some basic information to help you prepare your property for Howard County inspections.

What does the Howard County inspection involve?

Every Howard County inspector should be looking for these things in a rental property:

  1. Fireplace
    If there is a fireplace, you need to have had it inspected within that year by a licensed chimney professional to make sure it’s working properly.
  2. Handrails
    If there are 3 or more stairs or risers, then there needs to be a handrail. This applies to stairs both inside and outside the house.
  3. Hot water
    There needs to be hot running water.
  4. Smoke detectors
    There needs to be a smoke detector on every level of the property. For example, if you have a 3-level house, there needs to be a smoke detector on the main level, the top level, and the basement.
  5. Carbon monoxide detectors
    Carbon monoxide detectors need to be installed on every level if there are any gas appliances, wood-burning stoves, or a garage.
  6. Hot water heater
    The hot water heater needs to have a relief valve. It needs to be in working order.
  7. Furnace
    The furnace needs to be in working order.
  8. Windows
    All the windows need to be working. The lock mechanisms need to function properly. If you lock the window, it needs to stay locked. Also, if you unlock the window and open it, the window needs to stay open on its own.
  9. Clean exterior
    Overall, the exterior needs to be clean.
  10. Window and door screens
    Window screens and sliding door screens need to be installed for bug protection and good air flow.
  11. Electrical outlets
    The electrical outlets cannot be painted over. They need to be free and clear of any paint or dirt debris. They all need to be in good working order.
  12. Gutters
    The gutter system on the exterior needs to have the extensions to carry water away from the house. The gutters also need to be secured to the house.
  13. Plumbing
    All of your plumbing needs to be in good working order, with no leaking pipes. All the toilets need to flush.
  14. House numbers
    The house number on the front of the house needs to be visible from the street and has to be at least 4 inches high.
  15. Exhaust fans
    Bathroom exhaust fans, even in basements, need to lead the exhaust outside of the house. It cannot be tied to the dryer exhaust.
  16. 10-Year Smoke Detector
    There needs to be a smoke detector in every bedroom. If the smoke detector is older than 10 years, then it should be replaced. There’s a small date on the back of every smoke detector. That date has to be within 10 years, otherwise it needs to be replaced with a newer detector.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a Howard County inspection is $93.50.

How long is the inspection valid for?

It needs to be renewed every 2 years, but for renewals, just the exterior of the house is inspected.